Sparta Tennessee



Sparta, Tenne ssee

Shoshone & Dakota Litter... All Puppies have been either placed or reserved.   Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to check out our babies.

Bella - Female Sable Merle - Placed.  - I have gone to Missouri to be Aidan andhis little brothers best friend.  And to play with snickers....They have named me Taffy

Tucker - Male Tri-Color - Placed - I have gone to Wartburg TN to be Wilma's Best Friend.

Sophie - Female Sable Merle - Placed.  I have gone home to Nashville TN.  James will take great care of me.   I will be a true southern belle!

Zeus - Male Tri-Color - 500.00 - Reserved.

Lola - Female Mahogany Sable - Placed.   I get to be a Georgia Peach.  My family is wonderful... I have a very loving mom and her daughter is a Vet Tech so I will be very loved and well taken care of. :-)

Lucy - Female Tri-Color - Placed.  I am staying in Tennessee.  I am going to be Kevin and Kathy's companion.  I will love to go places with my humans!

Raina - Female Blue Merle - Placed.  I have gone to North Carolina. I am going to be a service dog.   I will have big responsibilities.  I am up for the challenge.

Gunner - Male Mahogany Sable - Placed.  I get to stay in Tennessee and Have a loving family and an awesome boy who is going to love me.  I love him already....

Copper - Male Mahogany Sable - Placed - I have gone to Texas,  I will have work to do on a cattle ranch.    I also will have a life mate in Tori,  She is a beautiful Tri collie.     YeeeHaww!

Chloe - Female Mahogany Sable - Placed.   I am also a Tennessee Lady.  My humans are retired and have lots of time to spend with me.  OK yes.. I will be spoiled.  But they are my best-est friends. 

Luke - Male - Tri-Color -   Luke has found a forever home in Franklin TN.  He has a couple older collie friends to play with.

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