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About Collies

Collies are intelligent
loving, loyal, protective, intuitive and very eager to please. Collie temperament is one of the best in the dog world. These dogs are gentle by nature and can be as quiet or as rambunctious as you are. They love people and children hold a special place in the Collie heart.

Collies are protective of their families and home,
without being overly aggressive. NO aggressive breed insurance required to own a collie, Unlike most other large dogs which require a home owners insurance rider.

Collies will fit into your lifestyle without any formal training at all. Though, it is a pleasure to see any well-trained dog. Collies are one of the most easily trained breeds.

Our Collies are very much a part of our family.
We breed for temperament and health first and foremost.   The love, loyalty and companionship a collie provides is an added bonus that will be a joy for you and your family for years to come.

Our puppies are raised in our home until they go to yours and we expect them to get all the love, care and attention that we have given them for the remainder of their lives.  Collies are very social animals, they love you unconditionally. So if that is not what you intend to do with your puppy, please contact someone else.

When a puppy is placed from Half-Back Acres Collies, you will receive a Health Certificate , AKC Registration Certificate, Puppy Kit w/coupons and Breed Inforation and training tips.  Collies are very much a home body wanting to be around you and do not tend to roam.  however soe people pr efer to have their collies microshipped.  We can have your collie icrochipped at an additional charge

 If you are interested in one of our Half Back Acres Collie puppies, please Call or Email us with your questions.

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