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Fainting Goat F.A.Q.

1.     Do they really faint?    A.  They "faint" by all outward appearances, though there is considerable variation in intensity.  If only midely startled, the goat may simply freeze-up for a moment or two, if the fright is more intense they  will actually fall over and take on a rigor-mortised appearance see photos above.

2.     How Can I Find Fainting Goats To Purchase?     A.     Contact your state's Cooperative Extension Office (typically the leading agricultural university in your state here in Tennessee it is the University of Tennessee)   We also sell kids, registered and unregistered and will ship them between 3-4 months of age or if you live want to come to the farm and pick your goat(s) up we love to show off our herd.

3.     How Much Do They Cost?    A.     Price varies greatly and depends on many things including age, gender, area of country, registered or non-registered. Typically you can expect to pay between $300 - $600 for a registered fainter.

4.     What do they like to eat?     A.     They will pretty much eat anything,  they are natures lawn mowers and will clean a fence or ground  from many wild vines and grasses.  Grain supplements, hay, goat chow from local feed store, corn are also favorites.   For a treat, animal crackers, popcorn and graham crackers work great.  If your goat is grazing on the land you will need to worm them monthly with some goat wormer. 

5.     Can I register a Fainting Goat?     A     You can register a fainting goat by contacting the International Fainting Goat Association or the Myotonic Goat Registry.

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